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US History Since 1877 - Study Guide

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How do I prepare for my U.S. History exam? Please help me with a study guide for U.S. History since 1877, including the Cold War era.

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This solution offers key terms and ten study questions which are integral to US History for the time period since 1877. The terms and questions cover the entire Cold War era.

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Study Guide

Cold War Politics
1945 - 1961

I. Identification

Cold War
Dean Acheson
Soviet post-war objectives
United States post-war objectives
George Kennan
"iron curtain"
Truman Doctrine
George C. Marshall
Marshall Plan
Berlin Crisis
Nuclear policy of deterrence
National Security Act of 1947
People's Republic of China
Creation of Israel, 1947-48
Jackie Robinson
Committee on Civil Rights
Desegregation of the Armed Forces
Taft-Hartley Act of 1947
Thomas Dewey
Election of 1948
The Fair Deal
McCarran-Walter Act of ...

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