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    Battles of the Spanish-American War

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    Discuss the major military operations, battles, and campaigns - land, sea, and air - of the Spanish-American War.

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    The Spanish American War was a conflict in 1898 between the Spain and the United States Americans had long been interested in the Spanish colony of Cuba due to its strategic location next to the Florida coast and its importance as a key defense base in the Caribbean and at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico. Spain had been denying Cubans civil liberties and political rights, levied heavy taxes, restricted foreign trade and ruthlessly suppressed various rebellions.
    Initially President McKininley wanted to avoid going to war with Spain despite the fact that he was not happy with the Spanish oppression of the Cuban people and he was interested in acquiring Cuba as a U.S. possession. That changed after the American battleship the U.S. Maine was blown up while visiting Cuba in 1898. Shortly after that Congress approved the use of ...

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    A discussion of the major military battles, operations and campaigns of the Spanish American War is contained in this solution.