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    Results and Trigger of Wars

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    Spanish American War.

    If the results of the Spanish American war helped us to grow in many ways, and as we still have one of our largest military bases in Cuba today. The trade it opened not only helped us to grow but other nations as well, then the question is, Why was this so important especially in the 1890s for us?

    How did we become a world power as a result of this war? How did it help us?

    Regarding World War I in the period 1914-April, 1917.

    Why would Germany want Mexico to align with them? What possibly could Germany get out of such an alliance? What gets us into the war? why did we enter the war if the Lusitania sinking didn't do it? Why did we think we could stay neutral?

    I am only looking for short statements in regard to these questions. I have written papers on them both and these are the questions he shot back at me. I have answered them but am not sure that it is what he was looking for as he sends them back as correct but still ask why for each. Thanks.

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    The Spanish-American War was the first time the United States had taken a conflict beyond the borders of the Western Hemisphere. They had done so with immense success, destroying Spanish forces in the Caribbean and in the Philippines. This showed that America was a military power to be reckoned with, and it also put the United States into the colonial game. We did not approach it with the same attitude as the European powers, but America was now on the foreign stage to stay.

    The Spanish-American War became a world power by showing formidable military strength, particularly at sea. After this war, no one could deny ...