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Pepsi and Coca-Cola Wars

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According to Cola Wars - Discuss Coke and Pepsi's current situation and how Coke has been a leader in the cola wars and Pepsi a follower.

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For many decades Coke and Pepsi are arch-rival in the soda market.

Coke became a leader in the cola wars due to its aggressiveness in marketing its product. But Pepsi could not be left behind because of its witty and calculated moves.

In mid-1970s Coke performed better in sales but this was soon negated by Pepsi by launching its "Pepsi Generation" and "Pepsi Challenge" promos. The move captured the teen generation.

While, again, Coke was leading in Cola sales, it made a market research blunder by conducting a taste test vs Pepsi. The taste test found out that consumers prefer Pepsi. The results made Coke to drastically ...

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This solution traces the Pepsi and Coca-cola Wars. It looks into the factors that contributed to the successes and failures of the two cola companies.