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    The New Coke Brand Failure

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    Pick a product failure (e.g. a food brand introduction, an electronic gadget, a car, a toy) and analyze the failure of the marketing communications plan that was used. Refer to the textbook to support your answers. A) Describe the product and the scenario around the product failure. Analyze what caused the product to fail. Back-up your response with reasoning and research, if available. B) How could the failure have been avoided/what could have made the product a success? Provide a picture of the product, if available.

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    Coca-cola has been the world's most recognized brand but in 1985, it has decided to replace it with New Coke. It was the strong competition between Pepsi and Coca-cola that triggered the management to change the old Coca-cola to the 'New Coke'. Coca-cola and Pepsi have been in a strong growing competition for few decades before the New Coke was launched and their relationship has not been healthy with a few legal cases against each other over Pepsi using the word 'cola' in its name.
    In the late 1950s, Coke has always been ahead of Pepsi but in the next decade, Pepsi has started to position itself ahead of its competitor by sacrificing its older customers to the old and classic image of Coca-cola. It has repositioned itself as a 'drink for the youth' thereby making the ...

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    The solution of 576 words explains the story behind the product failure of the New Coke. It provides suggestions for Coca-cola to avoid the failure and make the product a success. References used are included.