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Marketing Failure: analyze reasons give for for it

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Conduct independent research on the Internet to find an example of a major marketing/advertising failure. In the format of a case study to be contributed to a textbook on marketing, describe the failure and list and analyze reasons given for it. Add your own hypotheses for additional reasons for the failure based on your initial understanding of consumer behavior and the concepts from the textbook readings and other research

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In my opinion, a famous marketing failure was new coke.

Here is the background.

April 23, 1985 Coke launched a new formulation of their famous beverage called New Coke. The product was described as being better tasting then the original. The new formula was developed over 2 years, and was extensively tested. In blind taste tests people preferred the taste of the new product over the old Coke and even over Pepsi. So in theory, this product should have been a huge success.

However, in reality, it could be seen as the biggest marketing failure of its time.

The failure could be linked to the fact that Americans saw Coke as their national drink - it was as American as apple pie. When Coke changed the formula, people saw it as bad as someone burning the American Flag. People felt betrayed, hurt, and that they could not identify ...

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The solution analyzes the reasons for marketing failure.

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