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    Cola Wars: Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi

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    Discuss Coke and Pepsi`s current situation.

    Discuss how Coke has been a leader in the cola wars and Pepsi a follower.

    Discuss the direction of the cola industry in the 21 century.

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    Cola Wars: Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCo
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    Sep 28, 2005 ... Intense competition between Pepsi and Coca-Cola has ... TABLE 3.1 Coke and Pepsi Shares of Total Soft-Drink Market, ... Market Lead. Coke. Better than 2 to 1 ...... other product has been so widely used and so deeply entrenched in .... Discuss. 10. Do you think Coca-Cola is still a growth company? ...

    1: Current Situation

    Soft drink sales have peaked, the market is thought to be mature, meaning low growth rate in the 3% range. People are turning toward health drinks and water. Pepsi is ...

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    The solution discusses Coca-Cola and Pepsi's current situation.