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    Using trigger words

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    How do you believe co-workers can handle situations when someone uses one of "their" trigger words. Do you have the responsibility to change your language once someone lets you know that one of your language patterns is a trigger for her or him? Where does the authority for this lie? In professional standards or in personal relationships?

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    Trigger words are most likely to cause people to react as conditioned when hearing those words. Since trigger words as they are called here are connected to good, bad, or other memories or conditions then they are often not easily overcome. The fact that someone may understand the words that create their reactions is a positive step in overcoming any negative or overwhelming reactions. I believe that training oneself to listen carefully and monitor their reactions is the best way to learn to identify situation where certain words or phrases may cause them to react in potentially ...

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    A discussion on the use of trigger words on both sides, the user and the person who identifies with the trigger word.