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    Ethics, Morality & personal philosophy

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    Please help with these questions (see attachment):

    1. The rightness and wrongness of an action.
    2. Influence on personal ethical philosophy.

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    Q1: Rightness and wrongness of an Action

    To me, this is a question of ethics, specifically the manner of justification. This brings me to think of the ethical systems known as teleology and deontology. Teleological ethics are those ethical viewpoints that are determined by the consequence - the end result. Take for example the question of keeping American safe. Consider this situation - you are at the end of a sniper's trigger and you have on your sights a terrorist ready to blow up a mall full of families. If you take him out, if you take out his life, then you will more than likely prevent a catastrophe. The consequence here is much more important than committing the act of taking a life. This kind of consequentialist teleological act is known as utilitarianism where the good of the many is of importance ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in discussing 2 questions on the topic of personal philosophy (see attachment). Q1 is all about discussing the rightness & wrongness of an action) and Q2 is all about discussing the topic of personal ethical philosophy in terms of people who influenced it. Resources are listed for further discussion. The solution is written from a first-person perspective to show how it can be done.