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    Theory of Ethics Relativism

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    Personal ethics are expressed in decisions and actions. Personal morals are the values that form the basis of the ethics expressed in decisions and actions. Do these definitions support or contradict the theory of ethics relativism?

    Explain how you have arrived at your determination. Develop an argument with premises and a conclusion to support your determination. Be sure your argument's "entailment" is logical and that the premises are true so far as you know. "Entailment" means that if you accept the premises, you must accept the conclusion as stated whether we want to or not.

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    //Prior to talk about what comprises in 'Principles of Personal Ethics', we will have to first of all, understand the term 'Personal Ethics'. In this part, we will also talk about components of principles of personal ethics and also difference between the personal morals and personal ethics. So; firstly, we will discuss about the Personal ethics under the heading of Introduction, for example: //


    Personal ethics can be used as a synonym for morality, since they show the expectations of a person, acting in any capacity, under a society. These are the formalized principles which are instilled into a person from child hood.

    Principles of Personal Ethics comprise:

    · Respect for the independence of others

    · Honesty & Trustworthiness

    · Concern for the comfort of others

    · Abiding by law.

    Personal morals are the reflection of the beliefs pertaining to drinking, gambling, sex, etc. They clearly explain the impact of culture, religion, family and friends. On the other hand personal ethics guide how a morally correct person should behave (Blackburn, 2003).

    //Above, we talked about the personal ethics and its components that is mainly morality. In this part, we will discuss about the 'Theory of Ethic Relativism' and also explain the argument i.e. "Personal Ethics" and "Personal Moral" contradict the "Theory of Relativism". You are free to add more in this topic, which you find suitable. I am just providing you a brief ...

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