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professional ethics

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1) Are professional ethics the same as personal morality? why or why not?

2) What do the terms values, beliefs and preferences mean to you?

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Professional ethics is not the same as morality but are very much related.Even though the both the terms are often used interchangeably, differences exist between these two terms. Morality is making choice with reasons. Ethics is the study of how the choices are made. In other words, ethics is the study of morality.

source: www.bcsp.org/bcsp/media/EthicsASSE2004.ppt

Now, let us see the difference in definition of of "professional ethics" and personal morality, which will tell us the exact difference:

Personal morality refers to the set of one's own ethical commitments, not all of which are a part of the common morality of one's culture or society.

Professional ethics refers to those moral standards and principles that apply especially to one's role as a professional.

source: http://www-phil.tamu.edu/~gary/phil482/lecture.morality.html

Professional ethics is ...

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Are professional ethics the same as personal morality? why or why not?

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