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Professional Values and Ethics

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I will need assistance with the following:

Prepare a response in which you explain the relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success. Address the following items in your explanation:

1. Define values and ethics.

2. Identify at least three sources of professional values and ethics.

3. Describe how professional values and ethics can impact career success. Please provide at least two specific examples in your description.

I am mainly having trouble with a good introduction and conclusion.

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Solution Summary

This solution examines the relationship among professional values, ethics, and career success, including definitions of values and ethics, three sources of professional values and ethics, as well as a description and examples of how professional values and ethics can impact career success. A supplementary article on professional ethics and references are also provided.

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Let's take a closer look. Both your introduction and the conclusion is a summary of what your paper is about, so without knowing what you have written, any introduction or conclusion would not be a reflection of your paper. So, let's address each question, which you can then draw on for your final copy. I also attached an article on the topic, some of which this response is drawn.


1. Identify at least three sources of professional values and ethics.

Professional ethics is essential for both personal and organization success. In fact, a professional carries additional moral responsibilities to the profession and to society as a whole. For this reason, most professions have internally enforced codes of ethics that members of the profession must follow. This is to prevent exploitation of the client and also to preserve the integrity of the profession (http://www.armaterranova.org/pdfs/ethics.pdf). The purpose of this paper is to...

Three sources of professional ethics includes personal values, professional codes of ethics (based on secular human rights and ethics theories, such as Kantian and Utilitarian) and religious morals and values.

One source of Professional Ethics is, at least in part, an individual's personal values. Integrity is about match in one's values with one's behavior. At times, however, one's personal values can conflict with the professional values and principles initiated in the profession or workplace. For example, an individual may value life, but yet work in a health organization that ...

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