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Ethics and Professional Standards

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To what extent do ethics and professional standards apply to project management, especially in cultures which may not share the same values as the host culture? For example, how does a multi-national firm with global projects across the world in multiple cultures determine what acceptable ethics and professional standards apply? Why might this be an issue? Should it be an issue? If it is an issue or potential issue, how does a firm address or resolve this issue to the satisfaction of all stakeholders?

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The ethics and professional standards are examined.

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Culture & Project Management

A group of people share a set of values, beliefs and assumptions that can be defined as culture by which they organize their common life in a unique manner to others. Values, beliefs and assumption etc. are several elements of cultures that guide and shape the behavior of individuals and people that belong to the same group. The culture of any group is responsible to demonstrate their thinking, interaction and activities in the form of costumes, material artifacts, attitudes, language, feelings, etc (Parker, 2005). The ethical and professional standards are necessary to formulate and apply in such a project that is executed at the global level.

Determination of Acceptable Global Ethics and Professional Standards

In the global context, each country or group shares a different culture that creates differences in their values, beliefs, assumptions, behaviors, preferences, needs, etc. Ethics and professional standards are mainly based over culture values, beliefs and assumption as on the basis of them, right and wrong is determined. The cultural values of Japan do not allow face to face interaction between subordinates and managers and it is because this behavior is not considered ethical in project management. In contrast, this behavior is considered essential for managing projects in American culture. Such differences in values create significant difficulties in the management of global projects (Burton, 2008).

Due to this, it is essential for organizations to consider the differences that exist in cultures across the nation, while applying ethics and professional standards. In order to determine acceptable ethics and professional standards in global projects, a multinational organization analyzes cultural values and beliefs that are associated with a ...

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