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    Ethical Self-Assessment & Decision Making

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    Ethical Self-Assessment located at http://www.ache.org/. Once at the home page, click the Ethics tab located on the left side. You will see a drop down menu. Click the Self-Assessment link and locate the assessment near the bottom of the page.

    1-What did you learn about your own ethical decision making from from the self-assessments?
    2-What is the effect of professional ACHE standards on your ethical decision making?
    3-How do your individual ethics influence your decision making?
    4-What strategies can you adopt to improve your ethical decision making in the future

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    1-What did you learn about your own ethical decision making from from the self-assessments?

    I learned that I am an ethical person most of the time. I was surprised by some of the standards that self-assessment brought up in regards to ethics. While some of the questions do not yet pertain to me, the assessment opened my eyes up to the need to involve the ethics committee when in doubt, consider my responsibility to the community, and be committed to making sure others in the organization follow through ethically. Some of the statements are natural to follow: billing one party, ensuring the patient?s care is primary. Other statements like encouraging resource allocation that is equitable seems local but I had not thought it through thoroughly before reviewing the self-assessment.

    2-What is the ...

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    This solution is based on an ethical self assessment, and discusses what was learned about personal ethical decision making , the effect of ACHE standards in personal decision making, and strategies to improve ethical decision making in the future. It also discusses how individual ethics influence decision making. Examples are included.