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    Professional Ethics

    Health care professionals are held to ethical standards of conduct related to commitment, confidentiality and relationships. Professionals have personal accountability and moral obligation to all patients, employees, employers, organizations and the public. They should practice the profession with honesty, integrity and accountability. Health care professionals must maintain the level of competency as outlined in their profession’s Standards of Practice.

    Professional ethics includes respecting all laws and avoiding involvement in any fraudulent or deceptive activity. Health care workers should promote the right of privacy for all individuals and protect the maintenance of confidential information. In addition, they should aid in the professional development and advancement of colleagues. Health care professionals should have a primary commitment to the health, safety and well-being of patients. In any instances of incompetent, illegal, unethical or impaired practice, professionals must take appropriate ethical actions. Professional ethics strives to promote a culture that encourages the reporting of events that may result in actual or potential harm to patients or others. 

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    Ethical Dilemma Solution

    question: In your interview ask about the individual's(neighbor/friend) philosophy and worldview in relation to the ethical dilemma of voluntary/Assisted Euthanasia. Craft a 250-500 word summary of the individual's(neighbor/friend) response, including the individual's(neighbor/friend) identified philsophy and worldview. Plea

    Emotional Intelligence and Commitment

    Emotional intelligence is a value that keeps leaders respected, admired, emulated, and followed. Because emotionally intelligent leaders constantly better themselves to better serve others; they are self-aware, confident, enthusiastic, and energetic. Identifies the following principles to enhance emotional intelligence: --Deve

    Ethics in Clinical Tests

    The one responsibility as tester I would add, is maintaining security of test items. This is extremely important so that clients cannot access items in advance and therefore invalidate the assessment. I know from working in an autism center at a large medical center in NY, that sometimes other psychologists will request copies o

    Physician Disclosure of HIV status

    Should physicians be required to disclose personal information about themselves to patients as part of obtaining informed consent from patients? Personal information such as their HIV status and if the (physicians) have any disabilities such as alcoholism or drug addiction.

    Physician-Patient Communication

    Patient and physician communication is the key to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. For many patients, talking to a physician can be an intimidating process. Effective communication can be reduced by the limited time that patients often have to express their health concerns with their health provider. Explain how miscommu

    Comparing Code of Ethics

    Research two different codes of ethics for any two groups of healthcare professionals. Can research groups, such as nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. Compare and contrast the codes of ethics. What are the major similarities between the two codes and what are the major differences? Consider the issue of how

    Pharmaceutical company, direct-to-Consumer advertising and nursing ethics

    I need guidance or your input on considering the rate of the marketing of medical/pharmaceutical products by the drug companies. There is growing concern from consumer groups and the medical community regarding current marketing practices which result in overconsumption or no medical benefit. What do you think their impact is o

    Values Clarification Assessment

    Please use what your personal values would be according to the assignment. What are your personal values within the context of selecting a place to work. Write out your considerations as a value statement. Consider the value of working in an organization whose mission and vision is congruent with your own values and how that

    Personal ethics affect professional ethics in the medical field.

    ? Prepare a list of personal ethics that might affect professional ethics in the medical field. ? Prepare a report using the list of personal ethics that affect professional ethics and discuss how each affects the activities in a medical facility. ? Discuss how personal ethics affect professional ethics. ? Provide a pl

    Nursing Theory Problems

    Describe the manner in which you incorporate empirical, ethical, personal, and aesthetic patterns into nursing professional practice.