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What and how personal ethics affect professional ethics in the medical field.

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? Prepare a list of personal ethics that might affect professional ethics in the medical field.
? Prepare a report using the list of personal ethics that affect professional ethics and discuss how each affects the activities in a medical facility.
? Discuss how personal ethics affect professional ethics.
? Provide a plan on how personal ethics and professional ethics can be separate while working in the medical field.

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Think about situations where a person's values, virtues and morals might not be the same as that of a profession's.
One example is the matter of triage: between a young teenager and an elderly woman with the same problem and given limited resources, who gets treated first?

An individual might argue that the teenager, being younger and likely to have a longer lifespan, should receive priority. Professionally, triage makes use of as many variables as possible to analyze which should receive treatment first. Various factors are examined to see whose condition at this point in time is more urgent.

How does this affect professional ethics? In the development of triage, those who were delegated with researching the task and coming up ...

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Personal ethics affects for professional ethics in the medical fields are examined.

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