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Healthcare professional ethics essay

Please help me so that I can write an essay addressing these points:

What does "becoming a health care professional" mean to you?
What are professional ethics?
Who decides what is ethical?

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Your posting did not address the writing requirements that your instructor expects of you. Before you turn in your completed essay, please refer to your instructions for any required formatting, such as number of paragraphs or pages, or APA formatting, for example. If such requirements are not part of your assignment, please disregard.

Your essay needs an opening paragraph that tells the reader what they will discover while reading it. An example might be: In these hard economic times, many people are choosing to study in career fields that are the most likely to have jobs available once they graduate from their program of study. The health care field is one such career option.

Part 1: What does becoming a health professional mean to you? This wording permits you to address this portion of the assignment in pretty much any way that you like, as it is asking for your personal opinion. Having said that, your response should be positive and thoughtful, to prove that you are positive and thoughtful. It would not be advisable to answer this part off-handedly, or flippantly. Focus your response on the ...

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suggestions for formatting and constructing an essay on the professional ethics of the healthcare profession.