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Descriptive Statistics

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As of 2002, the top ten movies in terms of gross earnings were as follows (figures rounded to the nearest million dollars).

Rank Movie Gross
1 Titanic 1836
2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone 962
3 Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 924
4 Jurassic Park 921
5 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 836
6 Independence Day 813
7 Star Wars 798
8 The Lion King 767
9 ET: The Extra-Terrestrial 757
10 Forest Gump 680

a) Find the median, first quartile and third quartiles for these gross earnings.

b) Calculate the mean and the standard deviation for these earnings.

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Solution Summary

The solution provides step by step method for the calculation of mean, median, quartiles and standard deviation of gross earnings of top ten movies. Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.

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