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    Creating Initiatives for Healthy Communities

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    After learning about the leading causes of death and the social-ecological model of health, you decided to do some research about how society can be involved in creating healthier communities. You watched a video about Kaiser Permanente's Community Health Initiatives, at http://www.partnershipph.org/gallery/video?page=1

    The video inspired you to tell others about how communities can influence health. You decide to write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper.

    Provide a brief description of the community efforts portrayed in the video. State your reaction to the video.
    Express the need for your community to take a social-ecological approach to supporting healthful lifestyle choices. Be sure to explain what that means, so the newspaper readers will understand what a social-ecological approach is.

    Which of the ideas in the video might relate to your own community? Please explain and give examples.

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    The video showed how social activism on behalf of community members can effectively bring forth change within the community wherein the community members took proactive measures that were capable of providing the catalyst for community leaders and politicians to take notice and bring forth change in how the community addressed health initiatives such as food quality.

    My reaction to the video was that it is a good blueprint for how regular people can start ...

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    Almost 300 words of suggestions on how to inspire others in the community to be healthy in their everyday lives.