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    Company with macroenvironment shift

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    (1) Find an article about a company or industry that is experiencing changes/shifts in their Macroenvironment.
    (2) Identify and explain at least 3 unique changes/shifts.
    (3) Assess how you think this may impact such things as the industry driving forces, key success factors, business models, etc.

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    I have found a better article that addresses 3 changes in the macroenvironment: globalization, increasing concern for corporate social responsibility and rising costs of health care, in the attached document.

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    One organization that has taken drastic measures to adapt to the changing external or
    macroenvironment is Kaiser Permanente. This health care agency has developed several new
    strategies aimed at improving the overall health and safety of the community, rather than maintaining
    focus simply on treating and providing health care to its members. The organization's new strategies
    are a creative response to changes in the macroenvironment, such as the lack of safe places for
    communities to play and exercise, the increasing incidence of obesity and the lack of access in some
    communities, to healthy food choices.
    The approach used by Kaiser Permanente is to start with smaller communities facing such
    challenges. The Community Health Initiative (CHI) addresses all three challenges at once. It focuses
    on creating safer recreation areas for community residents, the support of new shopping centers and ...

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