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Elements of a SWOT Analysis

1. All competitors face the same STEEP factors, and even many MCCCS, but some companies react in horror to a change in the macroenvironment, while others rejoice. How can this be? The answer is because that change combines with a weakness of the first company to create a threat, while for the other company, the same change combines with a strength to present an opportunity. Provide a specific, original example showing how a change in one macroenvironmental factor created a winner and a loser among direct competitors.

2. An important step for your strategic plan; since this analysis is for strategy, you need to focus on strengths, weaknesses and macroenvironmental factors that are enduring or long-term. List one (no more!) key item for each of University of Phoenix SWOT elements.

3. Identify the cell in which University of Phoenix lies on the SWOT analysis diagram (Pearce & Robinson Exh. 6.2, p. 142), and justify your conclusion by explaining why UOP falls on one side of the vertical axis (strengths vs. weaknesses) and one side of the horizontal axis (opportunities vs. threats).

4. Sometimes an item is mistaken for a strength (or a weakness) when it is actually evidence of a strength (or a symptom of a weakness) then gives several examples. What can go wrong if we use evidence of a strength or a symptom of a weakness rather than real strengths and weaknesses?

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Question 1:

An example of macro environment factor that created a winner and a loser is change in technology. Increased technology development has led to increased competition and an example that created a winner and a loser occur between Apple and IBM. Apple was able to gain advantage over IBM due to the use of Graphic User Interface making it easier for users to manipulate pictures thus making the use of Apple computers easier (The Marketing Environment, n.d). The company has recently introduced PowerPC which is supposed to be cheaper than Pentium thus indicating benefiting Apple and decreasing IBM performance.

Question 2:
University of Phoenix SWOT elements:

Strength :

University of Phoenix offers both on campus and online classes thus ...

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