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Southwest Airlines.

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Select one element from of the analytical models Porter's Value Chain or Pest analytical models that contributes to each of the four SWOT variables. Select for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunies and Threats. Correspond each element with the Low Cost, Differentiation, Focus and Pre-emptive with all four SWOT variables for Southwest Airlines.

Indicate what impact each strategy could have on each SWOT factor by offering a business action that will address the SWOT. Place the elements chosen with the corresponding SWOT variables.

Indicate what impact each strategy might have on each SWOT factor you have chosen by offering a business action that will address the SWOT. I've chosen one threat: Strong competitive rivalry. Follow that factor across all four generic strategies. How would a low-cost strategy address an industry environment characterized by intense rivalry? What about a differentiation strategy? Focus? Preemptive? In other words, you are considering the same industry threat - but addressing it differently depending on the chosen strategy.

The strategic action you choose to fill in a given blank should do two things: 1) offer a tactic for taking advantage of a strength or opportunity or for managing a threat or weakness, and 2) follow the basic thrust of the strategy in that column.

Low Cost Differentiation Focus Preemptive

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