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    Southwest Airlines: Culture and Management

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    1) Assess how Southwest Airlines' culture is different from other airline competitors and the resulting impact on business performance.
    2) Southwest Airlines' management believes that employees come first and customers come second. Assess the merits of this belief, and please give an example of why you are in agreement with the approach.

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    1) Southwest Airlines' number one priority is to ensure the personal safety of its employees and customers. They follow The Golden Rule, which says that we are to treat others the way we want to be treated. This has had a profound effect on the company as a whole.

    Southwest Airline is committed to:
    - Maintaining a low cost leadership
    - Fuel management
    - Facilities construction
    - Effective project management practices
    - Wise spending of capital
    - Aligning the company with suppliers who meet their high standards for customer service

    Southwest Airlines believes that volunteering in the community is important for those organizations that they work with. They believe in helping to meet the needs of those communities; the employees volunteer for causes that they believe in. In 2009, Southwest Airlines employees volunteered more than 45,000 hours to charities across the country. In an effort to support these passionate employee volunteers, Southwest Airlines launched the Tickets for Time program. For every 40 hours our Employees volunteer for a nonprofit organization, the benefitting nonprofit organization is eligible to receive one complimentary, roundtrip ticket on Southwest Airlines for fundraising or transportation needs (Bachman, 2010). Southwest flights are cheaper; they are extremely selective when hiring and employees must endure extensive training on how to fit into the company. This is not typical ...

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    Culture and management is examined for Southwest Airlines.