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Strategies Southwest Airlines uses to motivate employees

Examine which of the following strategies does a company like Southwest Airlines uses to motivate employees:

1. Managerial roles
2. Goals and objectives
3. Performance appraisals
4. Job design
5. Alternative work scheduls
6. Stress management
7. Leadership style

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Good Morning from Cleveland, Ohio.

Glad to help you out with the issue involving Southwest Airlines. As a consultant to the airlines I am confronted on a continual basis on how to motivate employees and the model I choose for references is that of Southwest Airlines. Let's see if we can shed a little light for you on the matter of motivating employees at Southwest.

Although all seven strategies you present are important in terms of motivating employees the most significant one for Southwest would be that of "Goals and Objectives." Now...follow me carefully here as we need to carefully analyze what this strategy really involves. The first, and most important component of the "Goals and Objectives" strategy was actually embedded in Southwest's business plan from the very beginning; namely, profit sharing. ...