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Strategies Southwest Airlines uses to motivate employees

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Examine which of the following strategies does a company like Southwest Airlines uses to motivate employees:

1) Employee empowerment

2) Selection and training

3) Incentives

4) Benefits

5) Quality programs

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Good morning from Cleveland, Ohio.

As a consultant to the airline industry let us see if we can shed a little light on the issue you present, namely, SW Airlines and motivational strategies for employee motivation. But first, how about a little introduction to Southwest Airlines in general.

In modern aviation history Southwest Airlines is truly one of America's best-noted 'rag-to-riches' stories. Southwest Airlines was a visionary business venture started by two entrepreneurs, and friends, from San Antonio, Texas in 1966 -- Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. Although the birth of the airline came about in 1966 it was not until 1971 that the public was offered passage on its inaugural flight. The period from 1966 to the maiden voyage of 1971 was no easy road, however, as the path was fraught with court rulings all the way to the Supreme Court and fierce competition. Today, however, Southwest Airlines enjoys an image of low cost no frills air travel, customer satisfaction, and employee loyalty. The remainder of this paper will focus on the internal success of the airline from the perspective of employee loyalty and how the airline maintains this loyalty in an era of airline bankruptcies, flight delays, union strikes, and employee layoffs. ...