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Diversity Action Plan for Southwest Airlines

My team is preparing a paper on a proposed Diversity Action Plan for Southwest Airlines. My section is:

Implementation and Changes

A. Hiring changes
B. Changes in training and evaluations of employees
C. Changes for gaining more diverse vendors/suppliers

Please provide help with this and references.

Solution Summary

The solution provides a sample diversity plan following the principles of managed diversity from an organizational viewpoint using Southwest Airlines as a case study. It is divided into 3 parts, the first part tackles the Corporate and Organizational Culture in Southwest Airlines providing a bit of history into the company. The 2nd part provides the current Diversity Practices of the company. The third part tackles and presents a proposed diversity action plan with regards to hiring changes, training and evaluation of employee as well as implementing a more diversity-friendly supplier/vendow network. The solution is in the form of an essay following the APA-format. References are provided, a word version attached for easy printing.