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    Analysis of Southwest Airlines' Services

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    - Evaluate the effectiveness of Southwest Airlines' execution of its low-cost / low-price / no-frills strategy to the business traveller. Considering your own preferences, consider how this strategy fits your needs and how any gaps should be addressed by Southwest's management team.
    - In the airline industry, airplane maintenance and safety records are essential to a successful business performance. Evaluate Southwest's performance in this area, suggesting ways to improve its image with the public related to airplane maintenance.
    - Predict the sustainability of Southwest Airlines' strategy into the future. Provide support for your prediction.

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    The execution of Southwest Airlines' low-cost, low price and no-frills strategy to the business owner is mediocre. Some of the requirements of the business traveller, like punctuality and low cost are taken care of by Southwest Airlines, others are not. The business traveller wants Wifi access. Currently, Southwest Airlines does not offer such services. It is expected that Southwest Airlines will provide Wifi for laptops and handheld devices in 70 percent of its flights by the end of 2013. The business traveller needs full meals during his flights so that he can rush to his work destination. This is not provided by Southwest Airlines. Further, a business traveller needs lie-flat seats that allow her to rest so that she can rush to early morning meetings. This is not provided by Southwest Airlines.

    My preference is for a full well-served in-flight meal; lie down seats, and an ...

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