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Marketing in Southwest Airlines

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How should Southwest Airlines manage its external environment?

Please make sure to also examine elements of the macroenvironment.
Please be sure to perform a critical analysis of the industry environment applying Porter's Five Forces Model.
Please identify threats and opportunities in the environment, and make recommendations - how should the company address them?

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//The paper will focus on discussing the elements of macro environment. The Porter's Five Force Model has been shown and discussed to critically analyze the external environment of the industry. The various threats and opportunities, as well as, the required recommendations for the company will also be suggested in the paper.//


The organization selected for the paper is Southwest Airlines, which is based in the US. It is one of the biggest airlines in the world and has been ranked as biggest airline for a continuous period of 35 years. The organization has a large number of passengers using its services and it has also been recorded as the successful company in terms of profitability.

Managing External Environment

The external environment of an organization is consisted of competitors, legal and political environment, economic factors, social factors, etc. The major factor, which affects the external environment of a business organization, is competition. Southwest Airline needs to focus on competitive strategies. The corporation should adopt competitive pricing strategies, this will attract the customers and the external environment of the airline will become strong. The marketing strategies of Southwest Airlines should be based on segmentation; this will strengthen their external environment.

Another step, which can be taken by Southwest Airline, is to change the attitude and state of mind of the customers. Although, it is marketing activity; but it will be helpful in managing the external environment. The cost of marketing and promotion should be increased, in order to position their services in the mindset of the customers.

// In this section, we will focus on the elements of macro environment, which are political, legal, social, technological and economical.//

Elements of Macro-environment

Macro-environment of an organization is consisted of some factors: political, legal, technological, social and economic. These factors can influence the decisions in an organization. The elements of macro-environment for Southwest Airlines are discussed below:

Political and Legal factors:

Some of the competitors of Southwest Airlines are forcing government to create some laws, which will affect a number of flights of Southwest Airlines. The organization should fulfill all the legal and regulatory requirements. It should focus on laws and regularities. As the labor laws are changed, the corporation should change its policies, in order to make an alignment with legal and political environment.

Economic Factors:

Economic factors ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1630 words with references.