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    Starbucks and Southwest Airlines

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    Describe the product characteristics (i.e., core benefit, basic product, expected product, and augmented product) of two of the companies below.

    -Starbuck's coffee (goods category)
    -Southwest Airlines (service category)

    For each of the two offerings, describe how one or more aspects of their marketing strategy are based on its product characteristics.

    response should be between 2-3 pages.

    Please use in-text citations and provide references. Only scholarly sources should be used.

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    The product characteristics core benefit of Starbucks' coffee is to drink a coffee to satisfy hunger. The basic benefit is to get refreshed. The basic product of Starbuck's coffee is a cup of coffee. The expected product of Starbuck's coffee is convenience, because there are several locations. The expected product is consistency because the customer gets exactly the same every time. Further, the expected prices are comparable with those of similar drinks at other coffee shops (3). The augmented product is that Starbucks provides a good ambience and a good user experience. The augmented product is the inviting smell of coffee, the large windows, and rustic dark wood tables.

    The core benefit of Southwest Airlines is transportation through an aircraft. The basic product is a flight between two destinations. The expected product of Southwest Airlines is a low priced flight ticket, no frills flight, and polite service (1). The augmented service includes punctual ...

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