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Marketing Promotion: Southwest and American Airlines

Discuss the marketing promotions used by the two organizations. Compare and contrast the promotional activities - both online and offline - discuss why they are successful or not. How do they align with the 4 P's of marketing.

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// Marketing Promotion aims at improving the product or service sales. In this assignment, we would be discussing the marketing promotion of Southwest and American Airlines. Before discussing about this, I would give a brief description of marketing promotional activities//

Marketing promotion

The marketing promotional activities are aimed at improving short-term sales of a product. However, there are many other objectives that companies try to accomplish by organizing consumer sales promotion campaigns. Some of them are:

To encourage trial by new customers
Improve the sales of the existing brand
Increase brand loyalty of the customers
Enhance brand equity of the product
The increased prominence of sales promotion in the marketing communication mix can be attributed to the shift in companies' emphasis from long term brand building to short term bottom line sales growth. Today, increasing competition and restless shareholders compel managers to favor marketing initiatives that produces quicker results. Companies, favor sales promotions as it is easier to measure results against the money spent on promotional activities (Marketing Communication).

//Moving on, we'll now discuss the market promotional activity of Southwest Airlines; wherein, we'll know about all the activities undertaken by it for improving its performance.//

Southwest Airlines use online coupons, holiday packages, gifts etc for the promotion of the products, which is air traveling services. It focuses to offer lowest cost products to the customers. The promotions used by American Airlines are designed according to the segments of the market. The marketing promotion programs of American Airlines include coupons, gifts, discount, low price family packages etc.

Comparison of marketing promotion of Southwest ...

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