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Marketing macroenvironment forces

I have just been elected chairperson of this summer's community little league. I will be responsible for running the little league baseball season this summer for all the children in my community. The town donates the use of the local park's 5 baseball fields and local businesses usually donate needed equipment or funds. Typically there are about 300 children who participate. The town is in a rural area in Georgia. Part of my job as chairperson is marketing the program to the local community to encourage participation by the children, inform parents of the baseball league, and to get support from the local government and businesses. What marketing "macroenvironment" forces (which are customers, competitors, suppliers, distributors, dealers) might have an impact on marketing my little league season to the local community? List at least three of the "macroenvironment" forces of the marketing environment and give a hypothetical example for each force that might impact my little league season. Please be specific and explain how my example could affect marketing.

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Competitors: The competitors in this case will be other programs in the summer season which are also targeting the children in the community. If there will be multiple programs aggressively attracting children for participation, our marketing policy will have to be gared to encounter such competition in order to attract maximum number of children. We will need to ...

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Marketing macroenvironment forces