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    Marketing Concepts and Terminologies

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    What is marketing myopia, and how can it be avoided?
    What is customer-perceived value, and what role does it play in customer satisfaction?
    Explain the roles of market segmentation, market targeting, differentiation, and positioning in implementing each strategy.
    What factors are contributing to the intensity of today's global competition?
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct investment in a foreign market?
    Name two foreign markets in which a household appliance manufacturer would be interested in investing, and two markets in which it would have no interest in investing.
    Compare and contrast core beliefs/values and secondary beliefs/values. Provide an example of each.
    Compare and contrast a company's microenvironment with a company's macroenvironment.
    Discuss the strategies used for adapting products to a global market. Which strategy is best?
    Compare and contrast a tariff and a quota.
    Discuss how successful airlines acknowledge different pricing strategies as they relate to the airline's overall business strategy. Provide an example(s). If possible exclude Southwest airlines in your discussion.
    Discuss how successful airlines control the use of discount fares by imposing and enforcing appropriate conditions on these fares, and how they utilize state-of-the art revenue management systems. Provide an example(s).
    What benefits do airline customers seek when they buy air travel tickets?
    Based on the article and your own knowledge has Southwest done a better job than competitors of meeting the needs of air travelers?
    How has Southwest executed value-based pricing?

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