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Algebra Problems

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1) What are some examples of real-life situations where the addition of fractions, multiplication of fractions, or division of fractions might be required? Select one, and discuss your methodology for solving problems in this situation.

2) In this chapter, you are working a lot on evaluating expressions using some of the properties of numbers and operations, and some of the rules used. Why is it necessary to study the order of operations and laws of operations before you start solving equations? What four fundamental math concepts are used when evaluating an expression? What is the difference between evaluating an expression and simplifying an expression?

3) There is some terminology used in reference to simplifying an expression that may be new to you. How does a term differ from a factor? How can you identify like terms when you are adding or subtracting expressions? There are three laws -- commutative, associative, and distributive -- which are used when simplifying an expression. Which one of those is used most frequently in algebra and why?

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1. Operations using fractions usually is used in getting the probability during random draws in contests or lottery. For example, in a sweepstakes lottery, the probability of getting the right combination to win can be computed by multiplying the fractions of probability one of the numbers to be drawn on the actual draw.

2. It is important to understand the order and laws of operations before solving equations because knowing what operations must be done first is the right way in solving equation. The four fundamental math concepts are addition, ...

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