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    Definition of Business Terminologies

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    Change Agents
    A change agent is defined "is a person skilled in the theory of planned change that initiates and accomplishes the change. The change agent uses a process of confrontation to accomplish the change. Confrontation is the change agent's involvement with people and situations, the initiation of a process, and action, not simply reaction" (Ziegler 2005, p. 204).

    DEFINE at least 8 of them . add references scholar or books only
    New product development
    User integrators
    User driven
    Defense mechanism
    System user
    Information technology
    Effective communication
    Fence sitters
    Affective cooptation
    Institutional environment
    Hierarchical level
    Operational cognition
    Defense mechanism

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    I have chosen 8 of the terms and have described them below. After each term and description, you will find the corresponding references where you can find more information about its meaning and decide which definition you would want to use for your homework.

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    New product development - the complete process of manufacturing a new product and making it possible to bring it to market. This involves design, creation, and marketing of the new products or services to be brought to the consumers. It is sometimes referred to as a discipline which concentrates on the development of organized methods that serve as a guide to the processes needed in marketing a new product.

    Interface - It is the point or boundary at which two independent components meet and act or relate with each other. It is commonly used as a computer term such as the following types of interfaces: user interfaces (those that makes the user communicate with the computer's operating system such as the menu of the system, mouse, and keyboard); software interface (the languages, ...

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