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    Public Policy Programs on Public Order Crimes, Pennsylvania

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    The Solution was created to guide the student in putting together a list of Public Policies & Programs aimed at countering Public Order Crimes in the State of Pennsylvania. The Solution looks at the Pros & Cons of each program mentioned and delves into specifics of the program to discuss possible areas of improvement.

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    After going through the theories presented by Siegel & a quick review of the textbook you are using, I decided to create a solution that aims to guide you step by step in approaching the problem so that you can come up with a comprehensive & concise answer to the problem you posted. I have listed Internet resources so that you won't have to run to the various sections of the library while you put together your answer. The question is a sociological question & as all professors do, they would expect you to address the question by choosing one or two criminological or even sociological deviance theories, link them/relate them to practical laws, which in this case is on Public order in Pennsylvania. To get a good mark on this assignment, you have to show that you know the basic terminologies in criminology/social deviance, a bit about Pennsylvania Public Order Laws and relate them to each other. Your professor is also asking you to discuss the pros & cons of the law & Public Policy -- this part will show how good your analytical & research skills are and would also show your understanding of the applications of the law/policies and its effects on society. Don't be frightened by the 'big words' if you still have not met them or if this is your first foray into criminology/sociology, it will come to you as long as you gain an understanding of the basics.


    First, let's start with a bit of terminologies. It is important for you to understand & define the following terms in your answer:
    Crime - in its purist form, it means a breach of law & is punishable according to the rules & policies set against it by a governing authority.

    Deviant Behaviour - in its simplest form means a way of behaving or interacting in society that is against what is considered normal & acceptable in a community according to the cultural, sociological, political, and religious & various other social influences. Deviant behaviour can occur via psychological or genetic determinism, a social result of relationships & experiences or a mix of both. Studying deviant behaviour is a social scientific form of criminal studies where the aim is to explain & understand the social processes that drive people to become deviant contrary to the norm, hence, resulting to criminal behaviour.

    Theories of Criminology - criminologists (social ...

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    The solution is a step-by-step guide that takes the student through online-based research to gather data & information on Public Policy & Programs that are enforced by the State of Pennsylvania to deter Public Order Crime. The Solution provides a concise description & definition of key elements & concepts including theories used to explain criminal behavior. Providing the structure for an essay within the solution, it aims to inform, teach & guide that when followed would enable the student to compile enough knowledge on Public Policies on Public Order Crimes in Pennsylvania for a paper, an essay or classroom discussion.