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    Public Policy Effects on Practicioners

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    Questions addressed by this library solution: What actions by public officials and government set policies have far-reaching effects on the ability of clinical psychology practitioners to treat addiction or compulsive behaviors? Do you see a need for changes in policy? If so, what do you recommend?

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    Public policy can set the tone for how substance abuse addiction is perceived by the general public, as well as how much money is allocated for treating it. For instance, if public officials determine that drug use is a problem people bring on themselves, then officials might be less likely to set aside funding for treatment programs. Fewer treatment programs means that fewer people are likely to receive the treatment they need to overcome their addiction. On the other hand, when public officials view treatment of substance abuse addiction as important and necessary, they will be more likely to allocate funding for treatment programs. More programs can mean that more people will have access to treatment.

    Within the U.S., the government's stance on addiction has changed over the years. Early on, there was ...

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    This library solution provides an overview of the potential impact public officials and government policies have on clinical psychology practicioners who treat persons with addictions or compulsive behaviors.