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    Policy Implementation

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    Chapter 6 in book: Health Policymaking in the United States, 5th edition; Beaufort B. Longest, Jr.
    Question 3: Discuss the effects of a policy on its own implementation.
    You need to include a reference as to where you obtained information. It should be detailed answering the question.
    Only needs to be ONE page.
    Please reference from the book.

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    Please find below a guide that discusses the effects of a policy on its own implementation.
    As I could not access the book by Longest, I quoted from the bok by DiNitto and other sources.
    Let me know if this suits your needs,
    If not please feel free to discard.

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    Policy Implementation

    Policies define how people conduct themselves, or take on certain actions that are deemed necessary to ddress an identified priority problem.
    For a problem to warrant development of a policy, it must come to the attention of policy makers. For example, health problems are always there for everyone to see and thus a health policy will always draw attention of individuals, policy makers, the community, business people, policy planning organizations and governments.
    As can be expected, public health policy has a visible impact on health status.
    For example more and more people with a variety of sicknesses related to mental illness are demanding health services from a system that has resources that are too limited to meet everyone's needs at the same scale. This requires a policy for differential definition of mental ...

    Solution Summary

    The formulation of policy by its nature has an impact on its implementation
    This guideline summarizes the policy formulation process and how this has an effect on the very implemenation of the policy.
    References have been included for further reading