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Legislative oversight of policy administration

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How do the separations of power influence the implementation of policy? Given the separate roles of the branches of government, how are there sometimes blurring of lines between the making and carrying out of policy? What is the role of public administration in legislation?

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There are three main ways that legislative bodies influence the implementation of policy. The first and most direct way is through proscriptive administrative provisos in legislation itself. The second is the appointment or maintenance of relationships with administrative leadership that fulfills legislative aims. The third is by changing legislation after its implementation with subsequent amendments or reintroduction, usually after a request by the administrative sector for clarification.

When legislation is drafted, it will go through several dozen revisions before it is heard in committees and on the legislative floor, where amendments will further change its scope and shape. Often, through the use of proscriptive language, a bill can muddy the lines between the legislative and administrative functions of government by directing the administrative response to the bill's changes. When the bill's intent is ...

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This solution discusses power influence and implementation of policy.

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