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    Implementation Quantitative Analysis

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    What is implementation, and why is it important?

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    I wrote my PhD dissertation on implementation a good many years ago and have been dealing with it ever since, so I'm reasonably comfortable with this topic. Implementation basically refers to the process in an organization by which a defined policy is put into practice. It's a very general term for a very broad class of processes. Most implementation activities can also be described as activities of other management types. What distinguishes them as "implementation activities" is their common relationship to the policy in question. Activities undertaken by individuals in pursuit of their own goals may also be described as implementation, and share the same basic dynamics although at a smaller scale. When scholars talk about implementation, however, there typically talking about organizational implementation of organizational policies, since that's where the most important payoffs for improvement might be realized.

    Implementation is important because unless it takes place, policy formulation is essentially meaningless. Policies acquire meaning and value because of the way they shape the action and behavior of organizations and people ...

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    This is a brief discussion of the importance of implementation as an organizational issue. Policies are no better than their implementation. Yet putting policies into effect involves complex sets of organizational behavior, and is inherently political. Implementation processes are critical to organizational success is extremely important, and yet not well understood.