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Qualitative Criterion and Smoking Cessation

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Write one qualitative criterion and its standard for a smoking cessation program evaluation paper. What are the differences in preparation for analysis of qualitative and quantitative data? How do these differences affect the evaluation method and outcomes?

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One qualitative criterion for a smoking cessation program evaluation paper would be transferability, which means the adaptability of the environment and circumstances in which the research took place, to being utilized by other individuals or researchers when similar conditions are present or created during their research. The standard would be that if the ...

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Could you please help me determine if this article is quantitative or qualitative? How do you know? Please help me understand the following questions:

Does the author identify one overarching theory by name?

Does the author provide information about the development of this theory?

Does the author give examples of how the theory has been used previously?

Does the author advance propositions or hypotheses that are based on the theory?

Does the author identify the independent and dependent variables?

Does the author state how the independent and dependent variables are related?

Does the author provide a rationale for why the variables are related this way based on the logic of the theory?

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