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    Prioritizing risks in IT project

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    Lets say that you are still the project manager for the computer upgrades. Briefly describe the four 4 risks you identified in posting # 584934 Using the risk assessment techniques, describe your assessment decisions. Please include the following elements:

    - Describe the risk assessment techniques you used to rank your 4 risks.

    - Rank each specific risk, describing why #1 was your critical, #2 your high, #3 your medium, and #4 your low.

    - Did you have several highs but no lows? Explain.

    - Out of your risks, which ones were qualitative risks opposed to quantitative risks?

    - Could a risk be both? Explain.

    - Could you use the expected monetary value (EMV) or Pareto Analysis? Explain.

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    The four risks:

    Costs are higher than expected, which can be because there was not enough knowledge about the project or implementation, migration, or compatibility problems became and issue.

    Migration is poor from old system to new system, even with proper implementation plans.

    Compatibility with legacy and other programs is not good, both internally and externally.

    Implementation plans did not include enough controls and milestones to make it easy to track and identify issues when they arise.

    To identify these, I would first look at the scope of the ...

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    Prioritization of 4 risks from assignment is examined. The several highs and no lows are given.