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The Policy Making Process Explained

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Could you identify their role in each major step of the policy making process.
Based on:

-public opinion and agenda setting.
-opinion policy linkage
-policy effects
-media effects
-communicating with policy makers

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Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. As per your request, the explanation below is brief but enough to get you started to. To expand, you can use the references listed. Please take note however that in some paradigms, the steps you mentioned have a different title and in some cases, the concerns are altogether different especially with the cyclical policy-making process. Good luck with your studies.

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The Policy-Making Process

Former British Prime Minister Clement Atlee (1951) once remarked that while democracy means government by discussion and consensus, it can only happen when people start to listen to each other and agree to concede. In governance, it is unavoidable to go through a series of processes to get things mediated, negotiated and done right due to varied concerns - the legislation and policy-making process, the concerns of different groups and stakeholders, the constitutional and social aspect - among others. Focus groups, concerned citizens - everyone has the right and the duty to participate. They however also expect efficiency and a truly working government. With so many perspectives, issues and conflicting views to mediate, this at times brings the negotiation to a standstill, an impasse. Policy-making, aside from inclusiveness, to be efficient requires a decisive approach in order to get things done. The information on some of the processes and steps in policy making are explained below.

? Public Opinion & Agenda Setting - elected officials - councillors, representatives, they have no power acting on their own. For any issue to be discussed, it needs to be included ...

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