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    Health Policy and law

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    Briefly describe the policy-making process as it relates to health policy in the United States. Then, discuss your role as a public health practitioner and as a potential stakeholder in public health programs. How would your role differ based on whether you were a public health practitioner or a stakeholder? How can you use this information to become a better change agent in regards to the policy- making process?

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    The Policy Making Process in the United States:

    Policies in the system refer to the actions that have been taken by the government. These are the decisions that have been placed in diverse organizations and entities to ensure that businesses, public bodies and different industries have all their operations regulated so as to protect the citizens of a nation. Through these decisions, problems are solved and quality levels improved of the lives of the citizens in the States. Funding programs are generated by the use of the set policies to ensure that the set social goals are appropriate and acceptable. The policy making process in the United States is made up of many stages that are vital to the making of procedures that will govern the operations of the health sector. The phases are well ordered from the inception stage to the conclusion so as the decided ruling principles will be implemented in the health sector with ease. The stages are; agenda building, formulation, adoption, implementation, evaluation and termination (Cockrel, 1997).

    Agenda Building:

    In the making of policies, there should be prior problems in the health sectors that need to the addressed. It is on the basis of these problems that the agenda of the policy will be made. The government will have to pay attention to the need that occurred in the health sector. The agendas that are set in the first phase of the policy lead to new legislations ...

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    Policy-making processes as it relates to health policy in the United States are described.