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Health Law

I need help with identifying and discussing one rule, law, or policy that you believe might improve health care if it did not exist; being specific in citing the law/policy/rule. Identify the source of the law, providing an example of how the laws works and makes health care less than optimal.

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One healthcare law that is detrimental to healthcare in general is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2010, Obamacare, or healthcare reform as it is referred to by U.S. citizens. The law is supposed to improve overall health of Americans by guaranteeing health benefits for nearly all citizens. The law eliminates caps on benefit limits and makes exclusion from benefits for pre- existing conditions illegal (HR 3590, 2010). The law urges states to consider expanding Medicaid programs or providing subsidies for the working poor so they can enroll in state healthcare exchanges at a lower rate based on income. The intentions of the law are admirable, but the effects will lead to lower quality care, less availability, and lower incomes for ...

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The expert identifies and discusses one rule, law or policy that you believe might improve health care is determined.