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    HIPAA: Impact the Delivery of Human Services

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    Select a current or proposed law that impacts the delivery of human services.

    What reliable resources are available to learn about the implications of this law?

    What is the purpose or rationale of the law? How will the law affect day to day operations within human service organizations?

    What are the arguments for or against the law?

    What are the potential ramifications to clients and the organization if the law is not followed?

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    // Laws play a vital role in systematizing the functioning of the society as a whole. Numerous laws have been proposed that greatly impact the delivery of human services. The one which I am describing here is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. //

    HIPAA: Impact the Delivery of Human Services

    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed on 21st August 1996 by the U.S President. It is also known as the law to treat the sick, or injured regardless of the fact whether they are able to pay. The provisions that are included in the HIPAA law are provisions for health insurance portability, group health plan requirements, revenue offset provisions, fraud and abuse control, administrative simplification requirements and tax associated requirements (HIPAA Law and Regulations, 2008).

    //After understanding the concept of HIPAA Law, it is necessary to know its purpose and rationale behind its implementation. Some of its rationale are described below: //

    The purpose or rationale of HIPAA law is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health insurance system and to protect privacy of the patients. Continuity of healthcare coverage is ensured by this law, which allows individuals to qualify immediately for comparable health insurance coverage at the time of changing the employment relationships. By replacing several non-standard formats that are currently used in the country (U.S) by means of a single set of electronic standards (used throughout the healthcare industry), HIPAA reduces the cost and administrative burdens of health care. The law improves the profitability and continuity of health insurance coverage. HIPAA prohibits discrimination against ...

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