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Medical Office of OB/GYN with New Patient

You work in the medical office of an OB/GYN. A new patient has made her first appointment stating that she believes she is about six weeks pregnant, and this will be her second child. She has recently moved to the area and says she has some medical records from her other obstetrician's office with her. She mentioned she had some problems with her last pregnancy and delivery, so she wanted to make sure her new doctor had her information.


You want to make sure the OB/GYN has the information he will need to see this patient. You ask her what medical records she has. What information will you want to make sure she provides? Why?

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The information I want to make sure the new patient provides is the name and address of the previous obstetrician, so that any missing records can be requested. I will also want to know the dates of confinement, so that hospital and delivery records can be requested. The physician will need to know specifically what types of complications the patient had with the previous pregnancy, the type of delivery she had and any problems with the infant. The ...

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The solution discusses what records should patients provides at a medical office of OB/GYN.