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Technology threats and healthcare

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In a service related health care organization with a staff to patient ratio of approximately 1:100 your role is to assess the quality of security of patient medical records.

What technology threats might this organization face What information is contained in electronic medical records that needs to be protected?

What products are available to deter security threats?

What can you do to keep your organization's medical records secure?

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Health Care Organization

A healthy care organization is established with the aim of improving the overall well-being, quality of life and dignity of the society and every one who is in need of health care service. The management of the health care system should therefore try to develop and render more effective, efficient, equitable and accessible health care services. The health care industry is facing an acute shortage of human resource to manage the operations. Therefore, to overcome this shortage, it can deploy some technology and reduce the time and quality loss. As the health care organizations are completely service oriented, they should continuously monitor the requirements of the clients/patients and try to customize their services.
Need of Secure Medical Data
Securing the medical data of the patients is a big challenge for the any health organization. Specially, in the case when the staff to patient ratio is 1:100. The medical information of a patient is very valuable to both the organization and the patient, because of the high cost involved in analyzing, storing ...

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