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Healthcare Marketing Reflection

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Current Health Care Techniques
- Examine current healthcare marketing techniques on television, the Internet, radio, or any other media source. Some examples include, but are not limited to, advertising trends in pharmaceutical marketing, promotion of specialized clinics and hospitals, public relations events related to health care, or sales promotions of health care products or services.
- Address the following points :
1. What is your general opinion on current health care marketing techniques and trends?
2. Do you feel the current marketing techniques are affecting consumer trends? If so, how?
3. Do you see any positive or negative impacts on health care workers due to current marketing techniques and trends?

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The following posting answers questions regarding health care marketing techniques, consumer trends and health care workers.

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Healthcare marketing trends today can be seen through a variety of media such as TV, internet,
billboards, mail brochures, and in some instances, through direct contact with care providers. Some
providers feel obligated to let their patients know about all the available treatment options, even if they
may be costly or less than optimal choices for specific situations. Many healthcare companies are
targeting consumers directly with factual information and statistics. At the same time, companies are
directing messages toward specific needs that indicate understanding. A Franklin Street (2013) report
suggests marketers should talk up, rather than down, to consumers. Other trends healthcare companies
may or may not be utilizing to their advantage are increased use of mobile devices and feedback loops
which engage and connect with consumers on a personal level.
Generally, healthcare marketing trends are following consumer behaviors in other areas or
industries, but they are lagging somewhat behind. By connecting with consumers through mobile
applications rather than on computers, where younger generations spend only about 25% of their
time, they can increased brand strength. By making use of social media ...

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