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    Future Health Care Leader

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    As a future health care leader, you may see leaders transition through many positions in an organization. In health care, it is important to have leaders that understand the leadership process and follow strategies for becoming effective coaches and mentors. However, many organizations do not offer leadership programs to help develop strong leaders for their organization or for the next generation.

    Which competencies are important for leaders in the health care industry and why?

    How are these leadership competencies acquired during the program?

    How might these leadership competencies be applied in the health care workplace as a reflection of current and future workplace needs?

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    The competencies that are important for leaders in the healthcare industry include a great deal of wisdom and knowledge, due to the fact that it is necessary to be highly knowledgeable about their particular field in order to provide safe and excellent care to their patients or clients. Leaders in health care must also have a great deal of credibility, due to ...