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    Leadership In Health Care Industry

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    What is the role of a leader in planning and preparing for the future of the health care industry?
    How do management and leadership theories and styles differ, including how the leadership model may be applied to management theories at different levels within the organization, from entry to advanced?

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    The role of a leader within any industry is to motivate, inspire and get everyone on board toward a common goal. One working definition of leadership that further helps to illustrate this concept is "the ability to influence others towards a common goal and shared vision" (MGMA-ACMPE, 2013, para 2). The biggest difference between a leader and a manager is that a manager generally manages tasks associated with a project or job and ensures that their staff is doing the same. A leader strives to lead by example and do the job he or she is asking their employees to do as well as exposes them to the "bigger picture" of how their work plays into the company's vision. The role of a leader in planning and preparing for the future of the health care industry would be to take these aspects of a leader and apply them to the vision of the future of the healthcare world overall. Leadership would need to consider ways to inspire continued quality, efficiency, and delivery of services as the healthcare industry continues to grow and change.

    There are many leadership and management theories, some specifically related to healthcare. Some of them are below. There are many but I highlighted a few to help you get started.

    Leadership Theories

    1. Creative Nursing Leadership - This theory does not just imitate what is already in practice but finds new, innovative solutions to challenging situations by using ...

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    Exploring leadership within the health care industry in terms of planning and preparing for the future of the industry. Management and leadership theories and styles are included as well as how leadership models can be applied at different levels within an organization. Over 800 words, 4 references.